We started working with In Good Taste as their core business centered around hotel sales was shuttered overnight in the wake of COVID-19. We quickly came in to design, develop launch a fully custom DTC website, which allowed the company to reach new customers and conduct sommelier-led virtual wine tasting sessions at a time when most of the world was under strict lockdown.


Through the website that we built, In Good Taste was able to pivot their business overnight into DTC, enabling them to reach $600,000+ in monthly sales after its launch. By July of 2020, the company had sold 60,000 bottles, and at year end it was on track to ship 50,000 kits.


In Good Taste is a global winery in the comfort of your home. They believe that uncovering new wines shouldn’t be reserved for the experts. Through their handpicked single-glass and variety packs, they help people experience new flavors and make new memories.